The Gabriel Collective

Our aim is to resource, equip and network a group of young adult digital story tellers to share their everyday life, their faith and the difference following Jesus makes, online with their peers and empowering a network that keeps growing and reaching out to a digital generation.

We're shortlisted for an award!

Find out about our next events

We have some events planned for this year and next. Click above to find out more.

The collective

We are a collective of people who follow Jesus and want to see young adults empowered to use online video to reach the digital generations

Premier Digital Finalist 2016

We are also a finalist in the Premier Digital Awards 2016 in the Most Creative Use of Social Media Category

More info on Premier Digital Awards

Upcoming meetups

At meetups we get together to create films and vlogs. It’s fantastic to have people with us who have never done anything like this before but want to have a go and great to have people with us who are brilliant at film! By the end of a meetup everyone has taken part in a short film/vlog that they can share with their friends through their social media channels.

We have short 10 minute mini seminars on things like; how to film with your phone, how to edit or how to be a digital story teller. People can choose which ones they take part in either to learn or contribute.

Then we get into teams and go out to make films together. Have a look at one from our second meet up in Birmingham.

Gabriel Collective youtube channel

Come and join us at our next meetup in London - book now!

Our next meet up is on 10th December in London.

We're going to do something different and create mini vlogs/films about the meaning of Christmas.

We'll work in teams so people with and without experience can all be a part of it!

London will be our backdrop, so come and get creative!

By the end of the day you'll be in a film or vlog about Christmas that you can share with your friends on your social media sites.

Signup to come to London

Supported by Church of England

For more info please email us at

We are looking for young digital storytellers

You don't need experience in anything, but if you (or someone you know) is good at telling stories and loves Jesus, we'd love to hear from you.

We are holding our next major event on 24th September to continue training and equiping as many young adults as we can to use video to share their lives and faith online. We'd love you to come.

We'll put tickets on this website when they become available

Ben's story

We are looking for stories like Ben's to be told. Everyone is different and it's easy to just start with a phone. The outcomes of sharing video we think will surprise everyone.


At our event on March 12th we created a number of videos and put them on our Gabriel Collective YouTube channel. Here is one of the videos created on the day to inspire and encourage you:

ONE Event 12th March

We held our first free training and networking day in Leicester Square, London on 12th March.

There's a write up here to find out about what happened.

Some of the content we created can be seen above. Our next event will be 24th September in a venue TBC (but probably London again).

The London event was just our first stop. We're looking to visit other towns and cities in the UK, but we had to start somewhere!

If you'd like us to come to you, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Some tips from Dan

Here are some awesome video tips from Dan created for #GabrielONE

Go and visit Dan's Youtube Channel for more content

Get In Touch!

Ready to go on a vlogging* journey with us? That's great! Send us an email or connect on twitter and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

* yes we know "vlogging" is an odd word. It's just short for "video blogging" and is a shorthand instead of saying online videos. Sorry... it's just the best word we have right now. Suggestions for a better word are welcome!